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Project Description
This project help StyleCop developers to create custom rules using a TDD approach and offers a repository for custom rules contribution.

Please visit the How to section for the basic documentation including:
  • Getting started
    • Compiling for the first time
    • TDD for a new custom rule
  • How to contribute to the project
    • Submit a new custom rule
    • Submit a bug for a custom rule
    • Send a patch for a bug
  • How to request a new custom rule

Planned for the release

  • Better API to include new rules more easily
  • Fix bugs on existing rules
  • Fix using rules configuration tab
  • More unit tests on core classes
  • New rules of course

Not planned right now

  • Console/GUI runner
  • Autofix (and StyleCop for Reshaper plugin)
  • Auto suppression
  • Build server integration

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